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About Cybos
Cybos are virtual pet spirits that can be cared for. It is important to to treat your Cybos correctly as their mood is known to fluctuate very heavily. Watch them evolve into several different forms, depending on how you interact with them. Keep in mind that this is the very very beginning of what is to come.

These virtual spirits are interesting creatures that have a lot of traits that makes each one unique. They are heavily affected by their mood and stress, so make sure to prioritize these aspects first when caring for a Cybo. Cybos possess individual likes and dislikes, unique visual traits (eyes, mouth, coloration), and unique stats that can be utilized for a variety of different jobs.

These jobs will seem like games you are familiar with such as: DOOM, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Mario Kart and many more! (I don't want to give too much away). You and your Cybo will be rewarded with items, money, or experience for completing these jobs.

Breed two Cybos together to get find out what unique traits and stats will be passed down to their offspring! No two Cybos are the same!

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Planned Features:
Next Update:
-Add achievements
-Custom Cybos
Further plans:
-Third stage evolutions
-Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
-Multiplayer + trading!
-Digital Economy
The Big List of Needed Polish

-General UI improvements (Top UI, family tab icon, most UI elements inside family tab, redesign of furniture tab, exit store button, egg hatch notification, more...)
-Food Physics
-Better evolution animations (with better information)
-Idle Animations and blinking
-Animation smoothing (reduce jitteryness)
-Introductory cutscene/explanation of the game
Patch Notes:

///March 2022///
-Added Cloud Saving

-Temporarily broke cosmetics in most cases

-Permanently removed spotify

///October 2022///
-Added Cosmetics + Closet

-Fixed tons of bugs

///April 2022///
-Added Naming

-Added Furniture customization

-Food now has physics

-Added a new location: The Casino
(expect more games in the future)

-Fixed several bugs
(daily eggs, camera pan, and gen 2 sprites)

-Temporarily removed radio